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  • What's the delivery time?
    It will take about 7-35 working days. But the exact time is according to actual situation. Please consult with our customer service for details information.
  • How to choose the battery capacity? The difference?
    The larger the number, The stronger the battery storage capacity. Generally, under the same condition, the larger battery capacity, the longer driving mileage. Endurance(1 time charge) 8A : 20-30km 10A : 30-40km 15A : 40-60km 20A : 60-80km
  • What is the lead time?
    The lead time is depend on the quantity. Only 3 working days if product in stock.
  • What is your terms of packing?
    Generally, our e-bike is packed with disassembled front wheel and handlebar, also include an instruction manual enclosed for each bike. It can be assembled in 10 minutes.
  • Why I need to wait so long time for my bike?
    We won't kept a lot of e-bike in our warehouse, We will produce according to your requirements to ensure that you can receive the best quality.
  • How long should I charge the batteries?
    If the battery is totally empty, It will need to charge 4-6 hours depending on the battery size.
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